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Lightweight • Stackable • Durable

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Benefits of ModCribs

  • LIGHTWEIGHT — Molded ModCribs weigh approximately 28 pounds as opposed to the wood cribs weighing approximately 130 pounds . ModCribs are much less likely to cause back injuries for the workers handling the units.
  • STACKABLE — ModCribs are stackable, allowing a up to 1,000 ModCribs on a single truckload compared to only around 200 wood cribs per truckload.
  • SUSTAINABLE AND DURABLE — Cast molded from structural foam, ModCribs last indefinitely.
  • COST EFFECTIVE — Even with these benefits, ModCribs are comparable in cost to wood cribs, making the overall cost per project significantly lower due to the reduced transportation and handling expenses.
  • RENTAL PROGRAM — ModCribs provides a hassle free crib rental program for commercial modular projects.
  • SALES PROGRAM — ModCribs are also available for sale to manufacturers who utilize them for supporting completed modular units prior to being shipped.

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